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Silver Street Alpaca Farm

Fall in Love with Alpaca! Natural, Sustainable, Renewable, Elite Fiber!!!

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Why Silver Street Alpaca Fiber is a Superior Value

  • A lot of Love, time, and effort goes into this reciprocal relationship between the Alpaca and the
    Farmer. My hope is that you recognize and appreciate this special product. All that has been put into
    the product is seen and felt.
  • 100% Alpaca in a beautiful array of colors (no dyes, but can be dyed)
  • Careful breeding, feeding, and processing choices make for a high-quality end product
  • A lot of time was spent getting to know each Alpaca recognizing their differences, and how to utilize this information.
  • Alpaca Locally Bred & Raised in Vermont
  • Fiber processed in Vermont
  • Rare natural colors including Greys & Rose Greys
  • High-quality processed yarn
  • Each Hank of yarn is identified by name of the Alpaca or Alpacas if in combination Exception (“Farm Blend”)
  • Not Mass produced
  • We do not use chemicals on our pastures
  • Woman-owned and involved in daily care of farm and livestock
  • You are helping support a Natural, Sustainable, Elite Fiber Farm


Which Alpaca did your yarn come from?                

Tuesday, October 24, 2023