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Silver Street Alpaca Farm

Fall in Love with Alpaca! Natural, Sustainable, Renewable, Elite Fiber!!!

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Why Choose Alpaca Fiber

Silver Street Alpaca Farm-Naturally, Sustainable, Renewable, Elite Fiber

  • Are you looking for a “green alternative” product?
  • 100% Natural Fiber
  • Alpaca Owners Association Inc. recognizes 16 natural fiber colors including many different shades.
  • The Fiber can be dyed.
  • Alpaca Fiber has no lanolin, is lightweight, sheds water, is water resistant, fire retardant, and wicks water.
  • The natural structure of the Fiber allows for softness.
  • It is warmer ( due to the fiber tube structure ), stronger, and lighter than wool.
  • No harsh chemicals are used to process Alpaca Fiber.
  • A surprise benefit when working with Alpaca Fiber the skin on your hands gets softer.
  • Alpaca are easy on pastures. Alpaca are browsers, not grazers. Their selective browsing does not damage and erode pasture root systems.
  • Alpaca live 20+ years providing many years of annual abundant fleece harvest.
  • Alpaca is unlike other Fiber products.
  • When cared for properly Alpaca products can last for many years.
  • The garments do not need to be cleaned as frequently.
  • *Unlike Alpaca Fiber, the manufacturing of synthetic textiles is petroleum-based. Its manufacturing process uses toxic chemicals that add carbon to the atmosphere harming our environment.
  • *The process of some plant-based or other natural fibers use harmful pesticides and chemicals that cause a variety of environmental harms limiting our natural resources.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023